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Monday, August 07, 2006

Update on film progress

Okay, the film so far as been pretty slow in getting it together...but I've covered some ground. I have the main actors in place and so far they are doing very well. We have been working out some of the choreography for the swordfight and I have a couple of sequences done, more or less.

Also I have a rough teaser trailer, really just to give the viewer an idea of how the film is going to look. It includes some of the actual scenes to be used in the final cut, some that won't be used (like the swordfight, which will be redone) and a few storyboards here and there. There are also some effects shots in there which I am proud of...
Welll enough talk, check out this link to view the trailer. It's best to save it on to your desktop, then view it:

By the way, the pics you see above are ideas I'm playing around with for the dvd menu. :)