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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back from C3!

Just got back from Star Wars Celebration 3. Had a great time but man it was jam packed in there! I thought San Diego Comic Con was bad. Got to meet some of the other Topps sketch artists including Joe Corroney, Randy Martinez, Matt Busch, Sarah Wilkinson (Sarah's awesome), Cat Staggs, Cynthia Cummens, Justin Chung, Tommy Lee Edwards, plus many more. Thanks guys for being very supportive and all your encouraging words! I enjoyed talking to all of you.
George was there but the lines for him were way too long so I just skipped on that. On the other hand Rick McCallum candidly walked by in the hall and stopped to say hi to me and my friends! We shook hands and had our picture taken with him...a very cool moment.

Other news - though rather late news - my sketch cards for the Topps Revenge of the Sith set are out since April 2 and I'm already seeing a few on ebay. Really good feeling to see people are buying them. What's been even better is hearing from people saying they are a big fan of my work. Wow, that's feels really weird...
I will have some scans up soon showing my sketch cards, so anyone who's been waiting, don't worry they're coming!

An update on the Galactica book cover, it's been a while since I submitted my rough sketch for approval, so I called the publisher and well, the editor is currently on vacation...but I was told they are pretty sure it has been approved. I was getting worried for a while wondering if it was going to be approved at all. Anyway, I'm still excited about this project. I haven't had a Star Wars book cover/comic cover published yet but this is the next best thing for me. Wish me luck!