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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A bit more about me and my current projects...

Well you've probably already guessed I'm an artist. I work as a part time freelancer in role playing game products, book covers, trading cards, etc. I thought you'd be interested in hearing about some of my current projects. Following the sketch cards I completed for Topps publishing for their Star Wars Heritage set (see image in last post) they have asked me to do sketch cards for their Revenge of the Sith set coming out in April. I have been commissioned to do 200 cards which I just finished a week ago. A lot of work but fun! Unfortunately I can't post any just yet - not until I get an ok from the editor.

I am also working on a couple of painted pieces for Decipher cards for their 'Wars' series. These guys are serious about their product and I'm proud to be a part of it! But man, are there some talented artists working on this set. I have no choice but to raise the bar for myself.

Lastly, this is another project I'm pretty excited about - Ibooks publishing have commissioned me to do a book cover illustration for their next Battlestar Galactica novel. Not based on the new series...this one is a reprint of an old novel published during the original series based on the episode 'The Gun on Ice Planet Zero" (the one when they land on the snow planet, remember?) but the original title was called "The Cylon Death Machine" which is a much better title I think. So far all I've done is rough sketch for which I am waiting approval from Universal before I'm given the go ahead. It's been a couple of weeks since it's been submitted, hopefully everything is going okay!

Anyways January was definitely not a bad month for work. Can we keep this up??