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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Trailer

Here's my latest trailer for my film:



Katie said...

Hi David. I found your site online and just watched your trailer...good stuff! I live in Tempe and act/model and am always looking for the next thing. I think it would be great to be a woman in one of your films...powerful, strong and athletic. If you are looking for any talent, let me know! Good luck!

Katie Fox

Anonymous said...

David, I am impressed. Your work is awesome! If there's one piece of advice I'd offer, it'd be a strong light separating the actors from the green screen, and at least 10 ft between the screen and actors, which in combination will eliminate green glare reflecting on the actors. I love your music choice, and am sad I look nothing like your lead or I'd be happy to stand in.

Kate in Colorado

David Rabbitte said...

Kate, thank you, that's great advice! I have more green screen work to do so I will keep that in mind!

Anonymous said...

Great looking film. I work in the acting and modeling industry in AZ and CA, so it's great to see others doing well. Visit my site sometime at www.blanchespalding.com. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The film looks intersting. Any idea on how long till it can be seen?

Loraine in Chandler

David Rabbitte said...

The film is on hold for now...might be a while before it's completed.