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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Most Curious...

The animated feature Curious George was released in theaters last week with a weekend opening of $14 million, which as far as 2d animation goes is not a bad number. The company where I work (Fat Cat animation) had the honor of getting a contract to do a couple of sequences for Universal for the movie. My role in this whole thing was to paint the backgrounds along with a couple of other artists. It was a pretty hectic time, for some departments more than others but definitely worth it! So go see the movie and support the 2d animation industry, otherwise I will be out of a job!!! ;) Okay not really, but do go see it...heck, I haven't seen it myself! Must go this week.
In the meantime here are a few backgrounds I did for the movie...


Ness said...

Hey David, Greetings from Ireland!!I just came upon your website and had to write a message. This is your cousin Nessa from Galway - Hello! Your work is brilliant as always! Hope you are keeping well!
Slan Tamall

David Rabbitte said...

Wow...great to hear from you Ness! How many years has it been? Thanks for kind words regarding my work. Say hi to Fiona and the rest of the family for me too. :)
Keep in touch!